dies ist eine page ueber und fuer Sabsi :X


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*name: Sabrina oder EmoschLampe*

*age: 15*

*star sign: sagittarius*

*size: 1,65 m*

*haircolor: black*

*eyecolor: brown*

hab dich Lieb <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

*~*Dying In Loneliness

These red blood tears
That run over my cheeks...
They're burning,just as your knife
That you stick in my heart
But you don't care
You only want to have fun
Breaking my heart in two pieces
See the bloody tears running over my body
Whispering the words of dead in my ears
So I can close my eyes and stop thinkin'
About you,about me,about us....
The blood stops running through my veins
As I fall into a deep sleep
Dying in loneliness.... *~*



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